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Hemorroid (wasir / ambeien) removal without surgery, without hospital stay, and without injection. See:


akne, jerawat, hilang/Blue Light/HeNe Laser, SemarangLow Level Light/Laser Therapy (3LT) FIGHTS ACNE!!

Tired of conventional acnes treatment that does not work? Try 3LT.

3LT may minimize or free you from chemical medicines that usually have side effects. 3LT consists of Blue Light and HeNe laser (red-colored laser). Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acne [P. acne]. HeNe laser stimulates skin repair and thus, cures inflammation due to acne. [click picture below]

    akne, jerawat, Blue Light, HeNe Laser, Semarang




My Fat = My Medicine,

Fat Stem Cells

($US 5)

What good is fat for you? Do you want to know more about stem cells? Confusing "stem cells" commercials? Add your scientific knowledge and be wise when judging stem cells. This E-book is currently in Indonesian language only. Click here for more information.


Trend Expo: Medical Information Counter in a Shopping Mall

Mitra Laboratory Clinic participated in an exhibition (CLICK)


Good NEWS!!!

Due to popular demands, Cervical cancer vaccine (4 types of Human Papilloma virus) STAYS at economical price:


Rp. 2, 700, 000 (3 vials)

FREE  doctor's fee.


Check availability. Contact us now!! (klik)


National Cancer Institute (USA) warns that Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is one of the main risk factors of cervical cancer. HPV infection is common and infection usually occurs through sexual contact. There are more than two types of HPV. However, HPV type 16 and 18 contribute to 70% of cervical cancer.


Early cervical cancer usually does not show any symptoms.  Therefore, routine pap smear and early cervical cancer vaccination are important. Routine pap smear is necessary although vaccination has been received. Vaccination should be performed at an early age (childhood).


Mitra Laboratory Clinic offers Gardasil vaccine (by Merck & Co., USA) that has protection against four types of HPV (type 6, 11, 16, and 18). HPV type 6 and 11 are responsible for 90% of genital warts cases.



In The News

Colon Care For Body Rejuvenation

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc.

Published in Suara Merdeka Newspaper (17 February 2008, Sunday)

Did you know that self rejuvenation can start by taking care of your colon (large intestine)? The last stage of food digestion occurs in colon where water absorption and putrefaction by bacteria turn food remains into feces. Digestion by bacteria produces nutrition such as vitamin K and B. Unfortunately, putrefaction also releases foul-smelling toxic waste substances. These toxic substances are trapped in feces that are ready to be excreted through anus. (more...)

Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc.

Published in Suara Merdeka Newspaper (27 March 2008, Thursday)

Hemorrhoid is not a new disease. Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor who conquered Europe in the 19th century, had hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid also forced Jimmy Carter, the 39th US president, to undergo a surgery to remove it.


Hemorrhoid is an enlargement and inflammation of veins around your anus or rectum. It is not a life threatening disease. You probably would not notice it. However, hemorrhoid is often painful and irritating. An apparently healthy person is not invulnerable to hemorrhoid (more...)

ESWT: Non-Surgical Treatment For Painful Joints

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc.

Published in Suara Merdeka Newspaper (27 April 2008, Sunday)

Pain or inflammation on joints like heels, knees, hand wrist, shoulder, or elbow is common. Even prime-physique athletes are not invulnerable. Calcification around a joint and tendon inflammation (tendonitis) may result in painful joints. Osteoarthritis (cartilage degradation) is also blamed for the pain. Normally, cartilage at the ends of a bone functions as a shock absorber between two colliding bones.  (more...)

Did You Know?

Before The First Night

Last updated: 16 September 2008, Tuesday

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc.

...A premarital medical check up discussion involves an openness, honesty, responsibility to one and another and to a child (children) who is going to be raised, family secrets (hereditary diseases), financial burden due to health problems (expensive medical costs), risky hobbies or habits before marriage (free sex and illegal drug use/addiction), and  behaviors or characters that are accidentally unleashed during a discussion (selfish, sensitive, naive, rude, and so on).


There are several cases of married couples who are disappointed because they did not do a premarital medical check up:

  1. Test results of a pregnant wife indicated STD infections. ...

  2. A wife who is disappointed at her first night with her husband because ...(more...)

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ESWT untuk Osteoarthritis di Semarang

Alleviate osteoarthritis pain.

Why wait another day?? Extracorporeal Shock Waves Therapy (ESWT) is your best solution!!


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