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wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi

Penyembuhan wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi kami masuk koran Suara Merdeka


Hubungi kami:

Tel 1:  024 - 844 4149

Tel 2 : 024 - 831 6334

Hp: 081 90 1118719

Black Berry PIN: 2A42AE07

Email: mitralab@gmail.com


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Combating Acne with Blue Light

Author: Silvan Prayogo, BSc. Biochem. Mol. Bio, MSc. Biotechnology

Published: 27 July 2013, Semarang

Source: www.acneless.blogspot.com

Acne grows uncontrollably? Do you want to reduce the number of acne spots on your face? Acne does not only affect teenagers, men and women in their 30s may also have acne problem. Acne is affected by factors such as hormonal activity due to age or stress, medication, hereditary, or poor diet. 
Perhaps you have tried heaps of acne medication without any satisfying result. Some may even have long term consequences. For instance, skin thinning that makes your skin sensitive to sunlight and your blood vessels visible, depression, or allergic reaction to acne medicines. Antibiotic acne medication may cause acne-causing bacteria become antibiotic resistant. Thus, stronger dose or different kind of antibiotic is required. (Morton CA et al, Journal Dermatology Treatment, 2005).

According to Mayo Clinic website (a famous clinic in US), acne cannot be cured. However, acne can be controlled. Benefit of acne medication may not immediately visible. Sometimes acne may seem worsen before it gets better. Therefore, acne control is important to prevent acne from getting worse and more difficult to care. Acne control should be safe, free of unwanted side effects. Blue Light therapy is the modern way to effectively and safely control acne growthBlue Light therapy for acne is collectively known as photodynamic therapy.

Acne - causing bacteria is called Propionibacterium acne (Pacne). Detailed explanation about P. acne in acne problem is available in the following URL Link:

Proionibacterium acne synthesizes  porphyrin. Porphyrin exposure to Blue Light releases free radicals. These free radicals kill Propionibacterium acne. 

Blue Light acne therapy (wavelength 407 - 420 nm) is safe because it does not use ultraviolet (UV) radiation and chemical products that potentially harm your skin (e.g. peeling, etc). Blue Light acne therapy can control antibiotic resistant acne. Blue Light clears your skin without bursting your acne. Bursting your acne may results in permanent dark spot or acne scars. Blue Light acne therapy is painless. 

Various research in developed countries such as UK, USA, and South Korea shows that Blue Light therapy is safe and effective to alleviate acne. Optimum result can be achieved within four to eight weeks (between 12 - 24 sessions) depending on the acne condition. Blue Light is more effective when combined with red light therapy such as the Helenium Neon Laser (HeNe Laser) therapy. Helenium Neon laser reduces inflammation due to acne (e.g. reddening, swelling, and pain due to acne).
Don't delay. Control your acne immediately. 


  1. Mayo Clinic website. Published on the 1st of August 2012. Accessed on the 12th of July 2013. URL Link: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/acne-treatments/SN00038
  2. C. A. Morton, R. D. Scholefield, C. Whitehurst, J. Birch, "An open study to determine the efficacy of blue light in the treatment of mild to moderate acne," Journal Dermatology Treatment, 2005:16 (4), pg. 219  - 223.
  3. J. F. Tremblay, D. J. Sire, N. J. Lowe, R. L. Moy, "Light-emitting diode 415 nm in the treatment of inflammatory acne: an open-label, multicentric, pilot investigation", Journal Cosmetic Laser Therapy, April 2006: 8 (1), pg. 31 - 33.

Information and registration:

Mitra Laboratorium Klinik (Mitra Laboratory Clinic)
Jl. Stadion Selatan 11, Semarang, Indonesia.
Telephone: 62 - 24 - 844 4149 / 62 - 24 - 831 6334
Mobile phone: +62 81 90 111 8719    /    +62 811 272 6533
Black Berry PIN: 2A42AE07
Email: mitralab@gmail.com
Website: www.mitralab.com
Facebook: Mitra Laboratorium Klinik

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Tahukah Anda?

Sclerotherapy untuk wasir sangat tidak dianjurkan karena resiko komplikasi yang tinggi:

  • Penyepitan lubang dubur (anus): harus dioperasi untuk perbaikan.

  • Infertilitas pada pria: kelenjar prostat terletak dekat  rektum. Cairan sclerotherapy (Sclerosant) bisa salah suntik ke kelenjar prostat.

Maka, sclerotherapy untuk hemorrhoid sudah tidak digunakan di negara-negara maju.


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wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi

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wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi

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wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi

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wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi

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wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi





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