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Our Hemorrhoid removal without surgery was covered on Suara Merdeka Newspaper


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Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc.

Published in Suara Merdeka Newspaper (27 March 2008, Thursday).

Hemorrhoid is not a new disease. Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor who conquered Europe in the 19th century, had hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid also forced Jimmy Carter, the 39th US president, to undergo a surgery to remove it.


Hemorrhoid is an enlargement and inflammation of veins around your anus or rectum. It is not a life threatening disease. You probably would not notice it. However, hemorrhoid is often painful and irritating. An apparently healthy person is not invulnerable to hemorrhoid.


Based on location, hemorrhoid is classified as internal (inside a rectum) or external (around an anus). Internal hemorrhoid is vein enlargement in rectum. Unlike skin, walls of rectum do not have nerves. Therefore, internal hemorrhoid is often painless and easily went unnoticed. Internal hemorrhoid is suspected when you see blood stains on your feces or toilet bowl after you evacuate your bowel.


Based on level of severity, hemorrhoid is classified into four stages. At the first stage, you may notice blood stains during defecation. However, hemorrhoid remains in your rectum. At the second stage, hemorrhoid is pushed out of your rectum when straining during defecation and ease back into your rectum by itself. At the third stage, hemorrhoid is also pushed out of your rectum. However, you must ease it back into your rectum. At the fourth stage, hemorrhoid is pushed out of your rectum and stays out. You cannot ease the hemorrhoid back into your rectum.


Hemorrhoid at the fourth stage feels itchy and very painful because it is strangulated.


External hemorrhoid, by contrast, is easily detected because veins enlargement occurs at the skin around anus and usually has bluish color. External hemorrhoid usually feels itchy and/or painful because the skin is rich in nerves.


You must be aware that several colon problems have symptoms similar to hemorrhoid. Therefore, you must consult your doctor if you suspect any signs of hemorrhoid because you may have a more serious colon problem especially when you are older than 40 years old or cancer colon runs in your family history. Blood stains during defecation is also found in colon cancer.


Risk factors of hemorrhoid include obesity, heredity, anal sex, lack of vitamin E, aging, sitting for unusually long period of time, frequent lifting of heavy objects, pregnancy, frequent straining during defecation, diarrhea, and defecate for unusually long period of time.


Your life style also influences hemorrhoid risk factors. Lack of fibrous food consumption like fruits and vegetable causes hardening of stool. Feces also becomes harder when you frequently delay to defecate because water in the feces continues to be absorbed by your colon. Hard stool is harder to evacuate and results in constipation that forces you to strain.


The habit of straining too hard puts a tremendous pressure on veins around your rectum and anus. Normally, feces should be solid and easily slides out of your rectum. Adequate drinking of water and nutritious and fibrous food consumption is important to keep hemorrhoid away. Regular physical exercise is also good to minimize getting a hemorrhoid.


It's not the only solution

Do not be frustrated if you have a hemorrhoid because surgery is not the only way out. In fact, surgery should be avoided if possible due to a greater risks of complication such as from the use of anesthetic. Medical doctors in the U.S. and other developed countries prioritize non-surgical solution.


The most popular non-surgical hemorrhoid removal today is Barron ligation method. The method places a special rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid to stop blood flow. Hemorrhoid will fall off in about a week.


There are two kinds of Barron ligation method, the old technique and the modern technique. The modern Barron ligation uses a vacuum machine to pull hemorrhoid away from its base before the special rubber band is placed around its base. This technique optimizes the effectiveness of hemorrhoid removal without injury or risk of infection. On the other hand, the old technique pulls the hemorrhoid with a tweezers-like device before the special rubber band is placed around its base. This technique usually results in an intense pain because injury or vein ruptures occurs when the tweezers scratches and pulls the hemorrhoid. The modern Barron technique is more economical, quicker, and patient can continue their daily activity after the procedure. Generally, all hemorrhoid stages can be treated with the modern Barron method. However, Barron technique for the fourth stage of hemorrhoid needs to be free from complications such as a tumor, large polyp, and rectal cancer that require hospitalization.


Another solution of non-surgical hemorrhoid removal is sclerotherapy. It is done by injecting a a chemical solution (sclerosant) into the hemorrhoid. Sclerosant freezes veins and stops blood supply into the hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid will eventually shrink and disappears in about seven to ten days after injection. However, sclerotherapy for hemorrhoid has been abandoned in developed countries due to risks of infections and serious complications that could damage your rectum. One of the serious complications is shrinkage of anus that usually requires surgical correction. Some sclerosant causes allergic reaction.


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Did you know?


Sclerotherapy for hemorrhoid is not highly recommended due to its high risk of complications:


  • Anus shrinks: corrective surgery is needed.

  • Male infertility: prostate gland is near rectum. Sclerosant may hit prostate gland.

Therefore, sclerotherapy for hemorrhoid has been abandoned in developed country.


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