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Health Information

Health / Medical Articles

(updated: 11 February 2013)

  1. Colon Care For Body Rejuvenation ["Colon untuk Peremajaan Tubuh"].

  2. Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal ["Penyembuhan Wasir Tanpa Operasi"].

  3. ESWT: Non-Surgical Treatment For Painful Joint ["ESWT untuk Nyeri Sendi Tanpa Operasi"].

  4. Before The First Night ["Sebelum Malam Pertama"]

  5. Rejuvenate Your Guts To Rejuvenate Yourself.

  6. Extracorporeal Shock Waves Therapy (ESWT) To Treat Osteoarthritis ["Terapi ESWT Untuk Osteoarthritis"].

  7. Laser Treatment For Beautiful Skin ["Sinar Laser Untuk Kulit Cantik"]

  8. Toxoplasmosis, The Hidden Enemy ["Toxoplasma, Musuh Dalam Selimut"]

  9. A Pack Of Cigarettes A Day, Takes Your Youthful Skin Away.

  10. Revolutionary Medicine: "Say Hello To Stem Cells!!"

  11. Annoying Cables: Varicose Veins (Varices) ["Kabel-kabel menjengkelkan: Varicose Veins (Varices)"] [Updated: September 2008]

  12. Sel Kanker Payudara (Breast Cancer) Jadi Normal Dengan Diremas? [Updated: 11 February 2013] [KLIK]

  13. Kenapa Wasir (Ambeien) Tepat Dihilangkan Dengan Barron Modern? [Updated: 21 February 2013] [KLIK]

  14. Makan Manis Tetap Langsing? [Updated: 22 February 2013] [KLIK]

  15. Medical Information Counter in Citraland Shopping Mall [Pameran Trend Expo di Citraland Shopping Mall] [Updated: 21 May 2013]

  16. Combating Acne with Blue Light [CLICK] [Jerawat (Akne / Acne) Teratasi dengan Blue Light] [KLIK] [Updated: 27 Juli 2013]



Articles Published In Suara Merdeka Newspaper




Colon Care For Body Rejuvenation

[Colon Untuk Peremajaan Tubuh]

17 February 2008

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Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Removal

[Penyembuhan Wasir Tanpa Operasi]

27 March 2008

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ESWT: Non-Surgical Treatment For Painful Joint

[ESWT Untuk Nyeri Sendi Tanpa Operasi]

27 April 2008

[Click to read]



The Importance of Premarital Health Tests

[Perlunya Tes Kesehatan Sebelum Menikah]

23 March 2010

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