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Colon Care For Body Rejuvenation

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc.

Published in Suara Merdeka Newspaper (17 February 2008, Sunday)


Did you know that self rejuvenation can start by taking care of your colon (large intestine)? The last stage of food digestion occurs in colon where water absorption and putrefaction by bacteria turn food remains into feces. Digestion by bacteria produces nutrition such as vitamin K and B. Unfortunately, putrefaction also releases foul-smelling toxic waste substances. These toxic substances are trapped in feces that are ready to be excreted through anus.




A habit to procrastinate defecation or lack of fibrous food can harden your feces. Hard feces is tougher to evacuate and may pile up in your colon. Hard feces elimination is usually not optimal because some would stick onto colon walls and will eventually narrow your colon passageway. This leads to constipation. Constipation is a condition when you experience lack of intestinal movement to empty your colon less than three times a week. Associated symptoms of constipation are pain during bowel movement, stomach cramp, bloat, and you feel as if your colon is full.


Feces that stays too long in a colon leads to an imbalance in bacteria habitat. Some harmful bacteria or germs may outgrow good bacteria. Furthermore, toxic byproducts (toxins) from these bacteria cannot be eliminated and will be reabsorbed into blood circulation. Recirculation of toxins causes health problems and accelerates aging. This condition is called autointoxication. Negative results of autointoxication are back pain, dementia, depression, bloating, muscle aches, stomachache, nausea, unpleasant breath and body odor, diarrhea, insomnia, cataract, tumor, organ failure, wrinkles, changes in facial complexion, abscess, itch, acnes, urinary bladder infection, and so on.


Other colon disturbance is hemorrhoid. However, hemorrhoid may also be caused by aging, obesity, pregnancy, anal sex, straining too hard during defecation (especially during constipation), lack of fibrous food intake, sitting too long, and heredity. According to National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, hemorrhoid is an enlargement and inflammation of veins in anus or rectum.


Colon hydrotherapy

The most effective colon care is colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy cleans colon by running warm sterile water into your colon under a certain pressure through a special hose that is connected to the colon hydrotherapy machine. At the other end of the hose is a special adaptor, a lubricated speculum, that is inserted into your rectum to prevent colon injury. Each set of colon hose and speculum is to be personally used for one patient only. The colon hydrotherapy machine then sucks out water and the remaining feces in colon. This process is repeated for several cycle automatically for about 45 minutes.


Colon hydrotherapy should be regularly performed (once a week or according to your medical doctor's recommendations). It will help to peel off feces remains on the walls of your colon. Colon hydrotherapy results in colon improvement like recovery of balance in colon bacteria habitat and ease of defecation. Furthermore, toxin concentration in blood circulation is reduced (detox). In general, patient feels fresher after about three colon hydrotherapy sessions.


Clearly colon care is important to slow aging and minimize health problems.

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