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wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi

Penyembuhan wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi kami masuk koran Suara Merdeka


Hubungi kami:

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Tel 2 : 024 - 831 6334

Hp: 081 90 1118719

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Medical Information Counter in Citralad Shopping Mall

Author: Silvan S. Prayogo, BSc., MSc. Biotechnology

Published: 21 Mei 2013

Citraland Shopping Mall in Semarang city, Indonesia, held an exhibition, Trend Expo, from the 9th of May up to the 15th of May 2013. Mitra Laboratory Clinic participated in the exhibition by providing a medical information counter in Citraland Shopping Mall atrium.


Our medical information counter collaborated with Black Shadow magic shop to attract the mall's visitors. Our counter provides information about our health / medical services such as:

  • Hemorrhoid removal without surgery, without injection, and without hospital stay.

  • Alleviate musculo-skeletal pain such as pain in knee, foot sole, etc) using ESWT without surgery.

  • Colon Hydrotherapy to reduce body toxins and stay young.

  • Alleviate acne with Blue Light and HeNe laser.

  • Economical medical check up packages.

  • Other health information.

Magic show to attract the shopping mall's visitors

Mall visitors visited our counter after magic show.

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Tahukah Anda?

Sclerotherapy untuk wasir sangat tidak dianjurkan karena resiko komplikasi yang tinggi:

  • Penyepitan lubang dubur (anus): harus dioperasi untuk perbaikan.

  • Infertilitas pada pria: kelenjar prostat terletak dekat  rektum. Cairan sclerotherapy (Sclerosant) bisa salah suntik ke kelenjar prostat.

Maka, sclerotherapy untuk hemorrhoid sudah tidak digunakan di negara-negara maju.


Fasilitas Penyembuhan Wasir Kami: Tanpa Operasi, Tanpa Injeksi, AMAN


wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi

Ruang konsultasi dokter wasir/ambeien


wasir/ambeien tanpa operasi

Ruang tindakan penyembuhan wasir tanpa operasi, tanpa injeksi


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi

Mirip ruang operasi karena kami serius menangani wasir Anda


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi

Sistem penyembuhan kami dari Eropa

Harga tetap pas di kantong orang Indonesia


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi


wasir/ambeien/hemorrhoid tanpa operasi




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